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Jan 11th 2013, 17:05

Game Information :

Kerbal Space Program is a space-flight simulator game. Beginning on planet Kerbin(an Earth-like planet), players must assemble and launch their very own rocket into space. In assembly, players are given different parts to build their rocket. There is a limited selection right now, but many more has been added by the mod community. When building, it is important to keep in mind how each component will effect the flight. Weight and balance are very important factors. Other tools are given to the player to help combat balance issues, but ultimately the players ability to control the craft determines their destiny. The interface Kerbin is built on is easy to pickup. T heir is a nave ball and throttle gauge in the lower-center of the screen which portrays the projected flight path, and angle the ship is moving at. On the left contains the ships "stages". The stages determine the times that different parts of the ship will activate. For example, if you've burned through a rocket, it would be wise to de-couple the empty container, and activate the remaining rockets. Thus moving to a different stage. At the top of the screen there is an instrument that measures speed, distance from the nearest surface, and a meter that tells you when you are in orbit. In the lower left pitch, yaw, and roll gauges exist, but in my experience are not so important at this time. In the lower right contains what will likely have more of a presence in the future adaptations of the game. hree astronauts whom are brothers(the Kermins), display their expressions via there faces. 100% useless at this point, yet comical. Monitoring all of these instruments are important to a successful flight. Currently, there are no official objectives in KSP. While there are challenges proposed by the community, it is pretty standard to successfully launch a rocket into orbit around Kerbin, land on the Mun(the moon), and safely return to Kerbin. More difficult that it sounds, as strategic fuel consumption and proper planning are necessary. At this point, KSP is very early in development. Promises such as the ability to manage a space station, addition of more planets, and objectives and other activities are in development, which is very exciting. Currently, there are a few issues that should be addressed. Running on Mac, the assembly station lags beyond belief when dealing with larger ships, which is very frustrating. Graphics and textures have a lot of room to be improved. Frame rate can fluctuate depending on what you are looking at/doing. The assembly station could use more cameras to get into the harder to see areas of the ship. Of course, a plethora of parts will be added. KSP is an addicting simulator with a promising future. Refinements and additions will be made in the form of updates. Watching as rockets de-couple in space is awe-inspiring, and the vast openness of the galaxy is exciting. May the future be good to KSP.

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