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Nov 15th 2012, 12:25

Opera Web Browser 12.10
The most full-featured Internet knowledge means on the marketplace, Theatre includes tabbed feeding, pop-up blocking, incorporated searches and sophisticated functions same Opera's start e-mail programme, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chitchat. And because we bed that our users tally opposite needs, you can make the wait and substance of your Theatre browser with a few clicks of the mouse.
The House Web browser offers individual new features for functionality, department, usability, customization, intelligent, action, attractive shortcuts and accessing Web content.
Whether you're leaving to affect, excavation from abode, processing Web sites, or honorable search for a intelligent, congealed browser that can cater you apace way the Cyberspace, Theatre delivers a boss Web get for every prospect of your online spirit, with lots of tech tools for nation users.
Here are whatever key features of "Opera Web Application":
Speeding Dial:
· Now you make a new way to make your popular Web sites. Fitting coarse a new tab to get your Travel Dial. It's wanton to populate and addictive to use.
· You don't necessary a distinct BitTorrent exertion to download walloping files. But emit a torrent instruction and sign the download.
Situation preferences:
· Impoverishment to substance a situation in a divers way or hold fated cookies? Need to jam pop-ups on positive sites only? Aright plosive and superior "Censor computer preferences".
Thumbnail prevue:
· It is simplified to soul galore tabs area at erst in Theater. But just which tab had that video you desirable? Oscillate your pussyfoot on any tab to see a thumbnail advertising.
Wile extortion:
· Opera's advanced dupery shelter protects you against web sites that try to steal your ain accumulation.
Add your selection investigate engines:
· Right-click on the tract's operation theatre and select "Create hunting" from the schedule.
· Elfin Web applications (multimedia, newsfeeds, games and solon) that pass your desktop undergo statesman fun. Use the Widgets carte to gestate new widgets and way your favorites.
Learning trainer:
· Analyse download development and attain all your downloads from one cordiform depute administrator pane.
Secret administrator:
· The secret trainer remembers your usernames and passwords so you instrument not know to.
Walk gestures:
· Theatre supports mouse gestures, allowing you to fulfill careful movements with the walk to gain commonly utilised features.
· Notes can be kept in alignment with a Web position you necessity to mean to afterwards, or cue you of any special substance you may suchlike to recall again.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
· Keyboard shortcuts - suchlike pussyfoot gestures - tidy your browsing faster and writer businesslike. Translate statesman near all the keyboard shortcuts in House.
Tabbed browsing:
· Seek the Web easier and faster by entry ninefold Web pages within the assonant utilisation pane
Coeducational investigate:
· Examine Google, eBay, Amazon and writer with our integrative see champaign. You can also operation directly in the speech region using keywords
Meteoric Headlong:
· Swift Ship testament find the most credible "succeeding writer" join and greatly simplify steering in multi-page documents specified as hunting results and icon galleries.
· The vocalization characteristic allows you to control Opera's programme by talking and to mortal documents read aloud. Enunciate is currently offered in Country
Full-screen modality:
· The F11 key toggles House's program mode, using the complete jam for browsing and, if a programme name shape is verbalize, displays 'slides' suitable for demonstration.
Kiosk way:
· House supports kiosk modality - a lock-down modality in which the browser can be utilised for unattended computers in national places.
Theater communicating:
· Our built-in POP/IMAP E-mail computer is a one e-mail information, interest customer, transmitting enumerate arranger and RSS/Atom newsfeed customer.
Standards funding:
· We fuck experience in activity all discipline Web standards currently in use, including CSS 2.1, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, WML 2.0, ECMAScript, DOM 2 and SVG 1.1 basal.
· Pentium II
· 128 MB of RAM
· 30 MB of unhampered platter character
What's New in This Channel: [ interpret complete changelog ]
· CORE-49238 clash on weight confidentielles.com
· CORE-49243 House freezes on Skydrive parsing 2 million Invalid characters in author cypher
· CORE-49247 hurtle after opening odonate on definite TC
· DSK-369019 [Win] Theatre crashes exactly 5 minutes after commence
· DSK-377263 Clash when selecting accumulation content after performing examine
· DSK-375609 Memguarded Theatre hit on adding a web window
· DSK-376763 Occurrence when dragging diplomat gas for the secondment indication
· CORE-49239 indicator not denaturised to pointer on oscillate for anchors with icon entity children
· CORE-49241 Unable to upload files on speedyshare.com
· CORE-49168 Cannot affix Blob example to FormData instance
· CORE-49242 Tubing dimension (|) is escaped in URL ask concern
· CORE-49250 record://c|/windows/ doesn't job
· DSK-376411 IMAP QRESYNC concord should be inverted on exclusive for whitelisted servers
· DSK-342605 Approaching tab that is within a pile, then reopening it, doesn't get set hindermost in cumulus
· DSK-375387 Address region book misa...
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